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KPS AG opens new branch office in Amsterdam

Expanding market leadership in Europe

KPS AG has opened a new office in Amsterdam, continuing the expansion of its market position in Europe as the leading consulting partner for business transformation in the retail space. With its offices in Amsterdam’s Millennium Tower, KPS will have a direct link to customers in the Benelux region.

In stepwith Deichmann

Unlimited shoe shopping

Thanks to getit, there are no limits on buying shoes from Deichmann, Europe's largest shoe retailer. Whether in the online shop or on the go: Shoe fans can browse and shop from home or on the go - any time and any place.

Experience the Deerberg feeling online

Shop and feel good

getit brings the Deerberg feeling to the online shop! Customers of this mail-order business for shoes and natural fabrics can now shop and feel good at the same time: High quality, natural and very comfortable.

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Greater successwith E-Commerce

Benefit from our experience

We advise, design, develop and maintain E-Commerce platforms and websites for companies from all different industries – all around the world. Reap the benefits of our extensive experience in E-Commerce.

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RuhrJS 2016 - International Javascript Conference

2016-07-02-03, Bochum

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Looking for visionaries and designers for expansion!

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Why I chose getit!

There are lots of good reasons to work for getit.

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